How to Get Your Website Indexed by Google

If you want to make your site successful then you will have to make all efforts to bring huge traffic to your website. For this purpose you have to be indexed by some good search engine, like Google. In many cases you will surely want to get your website indexed by Google. There will be significant changes in your site when it is indexed by Google. The page will appear quickly which is indexed by Google when the user types keyword. Google has become the first priority of many users to index their sites.

Google Webmaster

Google offers you great tool of webmaster. This great service helps you to index your site on Google. It also helps you to improve the ranking of your website. Google webmaster tool provide excellent features like Google bot sees, adding sitemaps and many other great features for the users. This Google webmaster tool can provide wonderful services to your website. You can run your website and blog.

When you have decided to make your website indexed by Google, you must follow these steps to be better-off with it.

  1. Make sure you have complete website and all the pages are interlinked with each other. Choose the keywords for your website which are more relevant with the contents of your website.
  2. Then create a sitemap of your website which describes the whole website. The sitemap file will be formatted with XML extension. This is very important file as all the links of your website will be in this file. It’s very important to generate sitemap file and you can do it with the help of online and offline tools.
  3. After making sitemap file, upload it in the root directory of your website.
  4. Now join Google sitemap with your Google account. You can create Google account easily and it’s free.
  5. Now go to “Add Site” option and type the complete URL of your website. Then click on OK
  6. Now go to “Add Sitemap” and click.
  7. Click on “Choose Type” option list and choose “General Web Sitemap”. Check all the checkboxes available on this page .
  8. Now type the URL name in the required field and then click on “Add Web Sitemap” button.
  9. Now check it in the Google search with the keyword that whether your website is indexed or not. If it is shown in the Google then it means that it is indexed. It can take few days to get indexed.